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Amateur Radio Club

The museum hosts an amateur radio club and an active amateur radio station W1VCM. The club meets the last Saturday of each month

Next Ham Club Meeting Noon, September 28 2019

Union Tavern, Windsor, CT
For information contact kellingc@cox.net

Excerpts from W1VCM - amateur radio club history

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Gordon Horn

The museum’s amateur radio club was founded in 2002 by museum volunteer Gordon Horn, W2WTV. He envisioned the club supporting the goals of the museum by preserving amateur radio history, hosting informational programs for the community, conducting licensing classes, and giving the museum a presence on the air.

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Charles putting up W1VCM sign

Under Gordon’s guidance, the club acquired the call sign W1VCM (for Vintage Communications Museum). A room was built in the museum to serve as the “shack”, and space made adjacent to the room to display vintage ham radio gear

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Guys erecting antenna tower

A grant from the American Radio Relay League provided the money to erect a donated antenna tower and the club purchased a tri-band beam. Other antennas added over the years include a trapped vertical, a Windom, and UHF radiators.

Donated equipment was assembled into a HF/VHF station representative of the 1960s -- 1980s, in keeping with the club’s history-preserving goals, but more contemporary equipment and operating modes have been added to keep up with current technology. The club continues to accept equipment donations and also offers free loaners to new hams who have yet to purchase their own gear. The club became an ARRL Affiliate Club in 2013 with over 85% of its members also members of the League. The club also takes part in the annual Field Day exercise.

Gordon died and became a Silent Key in February, 2011. To honor his memory, the club rededicated the station The Gordon Horn Memorial Station. Visiting hams with a copy of a valid license are welcome to operate the station during museum hours.Interest in becoming a ham?

Interested in becoming a ham?

The club offers classes towards obtaining an amateur radio license. For more information, contact Chris Kelling, N1WKO, at kellingc@cox.net.

Equipment donations accepted

We accept equipment in operating or repairable condition as a donation to the club. You will receive a document acknowledging the donation suitable for tax purposes. Unless otherwise agreed to, the club reserves the right to display or sell the donated item and also to loan it to needy hams. For more information, contact Bill Thompson, K1NNB, at k1nnb@netzero.net

Borrow a rig

If you just got your license and haven’t decided yet on equipment, you can borrow some of ours for a few months free. For information, contact Charles “Skip” Colton, W1FTE at clcolton@att.net

Become A Member of the Ham Club

You don’t have to be a licensed ham or a member of the museum to become a club member, just an interest in amateur radio and a desire to help preserve its history and further its growth. If you’d like to join, download and complete the application below: