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Showing how communications has changed our lives

 Take a trip back in time and technology with a visit to the Vintage radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut. Learn how communications technology has changed our lives.

Hands-on fun for the entire family!

Browse our displays by yourself or take a tour with a knowledgeable tour guide. Many of our displays are “hands on” -- tap out your name in Morse Code; tune a 1925 radio; crank a wind-up phonograph; listen to a home-made crystal set; pick a song from a working juke box.


Hands On Fun !

Girls learning about early telephone switchboard


New Exhibit - Kodak VP-1 Videoplayer

Visit Exhibits page for picture and additional information. The unit on display is one of five engineering prototypes used for testing purposes,

At the conclusion of a tour 'of a mother and her two boys the tour guide heard the older boy exclaim words to the effect: "Do you know how my visit here makes me feel? I want to run home and invent something spectacular so people will remember me."

3/19/17 -Thank you for the tour of the museum! I really appreciate your time to let me touch everything. and share such incredible information and stories with me. I hadn’t even planned on going but noticed it on the way up to the N.E. Air Museum.Thank you, John.

Everyone there was so friendly and incredibly passionate about the items in the museum. You get to interact with the communication devices and learn how they work. I just so happened to be there on one of the volunteers' birthdays, and they invited me to stay and eat with them! Very interesting and definitely worth your time! I don't normally write reviews, but I had such a good time I had to share. e-mail -June 15 at 9:39 PM