Detailed tour map of the exhibits 

1940s   World War II Radio                       Post war electronics                             Transistors

1950s   Hi Fi sound                                    Magnetic recording                              Television

1930s cont.          Switchboard             Phone Diagnostic Station                                     Phone Booth

                                Teletype                                                            Radio Repair Bench

1960s   Business Communications                 Stereo Sound                                                   FM radio

1970s  Video recording                                     Computers

There are so many things to see and do at the museum, but we suggest you begin your visit by following the time line to the evidence of electric communications.

Personal Computers

How does a transistor work?

1800s   Telegraph                Telephone    Sound recording  (Phonograph)                  Motion Picture

1900s   Wireless(radio)       Vacuum tubes                 Crystal radios                               Tesla Coil


1920s   Battery powered radios         Radios as furniture                            AC powered radios       

1930s  Tube radios                              Radio/phonograph consoles             Car radios

Follow the Time Line!

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