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Museum's  Old Bench

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Longtime volunteer, Ed Sax has been presented the Seabury chapter of the Earth Charter Group’s “Sustainability Achievement Award of Excellence”.  The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society.

Interested in becoming an amateur radio operator? 

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This is the new owner of our bench, Chris Roseberry and his fiancee, who live and work at a resort for disabled vets in Rome, ME. Thank you Ed Cutler and family!!

Benches for Heroes

The museum had the privilege to donate in a very small way to a wonderful program run by Ed Cutler and his family right here in Windsor, CT. Ed takes old benches that he spots in his travels and refurbishes them and donates them to disabled vet

Outside Swap Meet Space 

$10 per space (April, June, September)

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 The award also covers other, energy efficient ideas such as:
•    The Transpired Solar Air-Collector, a porous “window” panel that directly fan-heats inside space.

 The Air to Air Heat Exchanger to bring in freshly heated outside air in exchange for stale air inside.
•    The Omega Rail, a strong, light weight, minimally visible overhead rapid pedestrian  transfer scheme.

All these examples  benefit society and the environment in multiple ways!

Swap Meet : Purchase Your Space Online

If you know of a disabled vet who would like a bench or an old bench that would be a candidate for the Benches for Heroes project, contact Ed at or visit his Facebook page

Inside Swap meet Space  $15

(December, February)

Museum Volunteer Receives Earth Charter Award 

Swap Meet Dates 2019

Ed earned the award for the Solar Adaptive Exterior Wall he built by hand-for the east wall of Vintage Radio and Communication  Museum which has lowered the interior energy consumption dramatically by its seamless thermal mass recovery effect.

Restored Bench

Outside Swap Meets - April, June, September

Inside Swap Meets - December, February