The  Vintage Radio and Communications Museum often has excess inventory such as radios and just don't have the room for them.  We're not selling  our excess inventory ; we're putting the items up for adoption for you to appreciate and care for. Check out the collectable items up for adoption.

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Need some vacuum tubes to repair a vintage radio, television, ham radio, guitar amplifier or hi-fi audio device? Then we may be able to help. The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum has thousands of new and used vacuum tubes available for sale.  Click Here for more information

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Other Items for Sale

       TV tube set - $150

       ST style tube set - $200

       Globe style set -$250


Check out our polo and tee shirts !

A number of items are also available for online sales. Just click on the buy now button to be brought to Paypal where you can purchase with your credit card!

                           FOR SALE ON EBAY!

EBay - The museum offers many products such as electronic equipment, radios and other one of a kind "treasures" on EBay!! To see the specific Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of CT listing:

1.  Go to the EBay home page at
2. Click on ADVANCED search
3. Scroll all the way down to near the end of the page to SELLERS
4. Click on the box for ONLY SHOW ITEMS FROM
5. In the box, type in -  vrcmct  -- all lower case
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on SEARCH.

The screen should show only those items that the museum has listed under the selling name vrcmct.

We also have a wide assortment of older telephones from rotary to colorful princess phones.


One Of A Kind Chess Set ! Chess pieces are made from vacuum tubes.

Lead timefor the order: 6 weeks

The museum has a number of items available in our gift shop. From mugs to a  handmade chess set using vacuum tubes as chess pieces.