How did jukeboxes get their name?

In 1926: Automated Musical Instruments (AMi) introduced the first electrically amplified automatic phonograph. Prohibition was in effect, offering these machines few sales opportunities, though some were placed in illegal speakeasy establishments, sometimes referred to as “juke joints” where they provided cheap music for dancing and gained the nickname “jukeboxes”.


                                                  1940 Wurlitzer Jukebox

                 If you have had the opportunity to visit the museum in the past couple of years, you have probably had the pleasure to enjoy seeing the 1940 Wurlitzer Jukebox that has been on display there.  Many people are not aware that that piece is not a part of the museum collection but on loan from one of our generous members.  We have been informed that the member needs to sell the jukebox.  The board of directors has discussed this situation and would like to see if we can keep the Wurlitzer a part of the museum’s display.

Thanks to you... we now have acquired the 1940 Wurlitzer Jukebox!!


Saturday  April 14   7 PM  Wurlitzer 700

Visit the Dedication of the Wurlitzer - See Slideshow of the event including the period dancers in costume !!