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The Vintage Radio and  Communications is an all volunteer run non profit museum.  Your  donations help support the museum.It's easy - Just click on the PayPal button

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Can you imagine the world without radio, television or computers? Our world would be completely different than it is today. At the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut, we show visitors the history of electric communications and how it has changed our lives.  We’re a hands-on museum. Tune radios 80 years old… talk over candlestick telephones… listen to 100 year old records… tap out your name in Morse Code… See what early television looked like… It’s all here at the museum

We invite you to explore our website, learn about our unique displays and history, and how you can visit us or become a supporting member.

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Instructor Danny Fitzin offers radio repair class at the museum.  Read more

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