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Donating Equipment

The museum welcomes donations of vintage communications equipment and related items such as books, recorded material, parts and advertising items. Amazing as it seems, the vast majority of items on display at the museum have come from donations.

However, due to our growth and space restrictions, we cannot take all donations. We need to be selective about which items. Therefore we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible to allow us to determine whether we can take the donation or not.

All donations go through museum Director John Ellsworth . He can be reached at  or by completing the donations form and clicking submit.

 Please note: Most donations to the museum can be used as a tax deduction. Please consult your tax adviser.

Also, the museum is not currently accepting any record donations - except for transcription discs and Edison discs/cylinders.

 We invite you to visit our museum to experience all we have to offer.

We thank everyone for their ongoing support of the museum,


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       The Vintage Radio and  Communications is an all volunteer run non profit museum.

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