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Triode $1000.

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Pentode $2000

Our Community Partners recognize the important mission of the museum to preserve the history of electric communications. Making that history available to our youth inspires them to go on to develop even more amazing devices in the future. Won’t you help us continue our important role?

As a Community Partner, you will have a handsome plaque with the name of your organization prominently displayed in the museum’s lobby so, as they enter, visitors will see your commitment to supporting the museum. In addition, notice of your contribution will be displayed on the museum’s website and on Facebook. You will also receive a framed recognition certificate, as well as complimentary visitor’s passes that can be shared with your employees and business associates.

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Community Partners Program

The program offers three levels of partnership:

Diode - $500 annual partnership contribution, entitles you to 10   
complimentary passes to the museum

Triode - $1,000 annual partnership contribution entitles you to 20
 complimentary passes to the museum

Pentode - $2,000 annual partnership contribution entitles you to 40 complimentary passes to the museum

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