VHF Operation – The station currently operates on 2 meters and 440 MHz.

Digital Modes – The station currently operates packet and is planning to add other digital modes in the future.

Antennas -- Currently the station operates with a number of antennas:

  • A tower-mounted Mosely TA-33 covering 20, 15 and 10 meters,
  • A roof-mounted Cushcraft vertical covering 40 through 10 meters.
  • A Carolina Windom covering 80 through 10 meters
  • A 2 meter antenna mounted atop the tower, plus a 2 meter/440 dual band antenna in the shack currently cover the VHF and UHF frequencies
  • Plans are being drawn up to erect a 160 meter long-wire diagonally across the museum property.

Equipment Loans – The station loans equipment to newly licensed hams who haven’t yet purchased their own, or for hams with other legitimate needs. To ask about loans, contact Charles “Skip” Colton, W1FTE, at clcolton@att.net

W1VCM (for Vintage Communications Museum) is an operating station hosted by the museum’s own ham radio club. The station is located within the museum’s display area so that visitors can see and listen to ham radio in action. Adjacent to the station are displays of commercial and home-made amateur equipment going back to the earliest days of radio.

The station represents a typical ham “shack” from around the 1980 s, The station operates AM, CW, and SSB on all popular frequencies. Current digital modes are also represented. Any licensed amateur who brings in a copy of their valid license may operate the station, under supervision of the station trustee.

Besides operating the station, the ham club offers classes for anyone wishing to obtain a ham license or upgrade. The club gathers once a month for an informal lunch meeting at a local restaurant.

Operating Equipment -- The station’s on-the-air equipment changes frequently, thanks to the donation of transceivers and other gear from local hams. Generally the station operates SSB with a power level of 100 watts output on all of the popular lower bands. A linear amplifier was recently acquired and work is underway to get it on the air.

AM Operation
– Being a museum ham station, W1VCM maintains an AM/CW  operating position

covering the HF bands using equipment representative of the 1960s.

Equipment Donations – If you have amateur gear that you would like to donate to the station, before dropping it off at the museum, please contact Bill Thompson, K1NNB, at k1nnb@netzero.net. Provide a description of the equipment and whether it is in operating condition.

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