Tube Tester

Empty Magnavox  TV/radio/phono cabinet.  Good for repurposing.  Cabinet is in very nice condition.

FREE!  Just come and get it.

Diamonds in the Rough

The  Vintage Radio and Communications Museum is looking to divest excess inventory.  We have many collectable console radios and just don't have the room for them.  We're not selling  our excess inventory ; we're putting the items up for adoption for you to appreciate and care for. This is your opportunity to acquire a "Diamond in the Rough" from our extensive collection.

Our museum is an all volunteer run museum that relies on donations. So, not only do you have the opportunity to acquire a collectible, you also are making a donation to keep our museum open to people of all ages

Our terms are simple.  Cash only. No checks. No layaways. Local pickup only.

We also accept PayPal.  It’s easy, complete the contact form and then click on the PayPal  button.

Browse through the consoles  below containing a picture and description of items currently available.

Use the contact form below to let us know which item you want and to make sure that it is still  available.  Please leave either your phone number or an email address so we can contact you.  Do NOT send any payments -  either cash or PayPal until you receive our acknowledgement that your item is available.
Questions?   Use the contact form below or email:  John Bayusik at



Use Contact Form  to ask questions or to check if the radio you want to adopt is available.

Firestone 4-A-30 console.  Chassis lights up but no sound.  Cabinet is good, finish is fair.  Grille cloth needs replacing.
    Pushbuttons missing.  Suggested donation $15.00

Adopt A Radio

 RCA  T-100  tabletop TV.  Missing face plate and some knobs.  Picture tube has decent emission.  Suggested donation $35.00

Mercury model 204 tube tester.  Tube charts are complete.  Sign on top of tester is cracked.  The unit is untried.
Suggested donation:  $20.00

Victor VV-100 phonograph.  Unit is working and sounds good.  No veneer problems.  Finish is good.
    Suggested donation  $200


Truetone  model D925B  chassis lights, but no sound.  Cabinet good, finish fair.  Suggested donation:  $10.00.