1940 Wurlitzer Jukebox

                 If you have had the opportunity to visit the museum in the past couple of years, you have probably had the pleasure to enjoy seeing the 1940 Wurlitzer Jukebox that has been on display there.  Many people are not aware that that piece is not a part of the museum collection but on loan from one of our generous members.  We have been informed that the member needs to sell the jukebox.  The board of directors has discussed this situation and would like to see if we can keep the Wurlitzer a part of the museum’s display.

                 What we propose to do has been done only one other time in the history of the museum.  When we acquired the production photos of the Aetna Radio Corporation, an early crystal radio manufacturer located in downtown Hartford, CT, we did a search to see if any of these early locally made crystal sets were still around.  We found one for sale in Vermont so the volunteers pooled their money and purchased it for the museum.  We are proposing to do the same for the jukebox.  But the jukebox price tag is a little higher so we are opening up the opportunity to help to all members.  Our goal is to raise at least a thousand dollars which is the cost of the Wurlitzer.  Now the unit we have needs quite a bit of restoration, so the hope is that we raise more than $1000 so that the excess can be used to restore the unit.  We are attaching some pictures of our jukebox and also some pictures of a restored unit just like ours, so you can see what ours can look like.

                With numbers there is power.  If we get 50 people to pitch in $25 each, we would have $1250.  If we got 100 people to pitch in $20, we would have $2000.  There are an endless number of scenarios but I am sure this museum’s supporters can get the job done.  We already have $xxx pledged by the day to day volunteers at the museum. 

So if you would like to help us out,

please send a check to the museum with “jukebox” in the memo line 


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