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Welcome to the Museum's Ham Station


W1VCM (for Vintage Communications Museum) is an operating station hosted by the museum’s own ham radio club. The station is located within the museum’s display area so that visitors can see and listen to ham radio in action. Adjacent to the station are displays of commercial and home-made amateur equipment going back to the earliest days of radio.Ham operators working the station

The station represents a typical ham “shack” from around the 1980s, and operates CW and SSB on all bands between 80 and 10, plus 2 meters. Future plans call for a vintage AM phone presence on the lower bands.

Any licensed amateur who brings in a copy of their valid license may operate the station, under supervision of the station trustee. Besides operating demonstrations, the ham club offers classes for anyone wishing to obtain a ham license. The club meets once a month on the second Saturday for an informal breakfast meeting at the Windsor 75 Diner in Windsor, CT.

For more information about the museum’s ham club, how to become a member, equipment donations, etc. please contact the club secretary, Bernie Michaels, W2LFV at bmawrite@gmail.com or  write, 514 Dewey St. West Springfield, MA 01089

                          Join the Saturday Night Bunch  on the air!

Larry Butler, KB1KIZ, invites hams, whether a member of the club or not, and at any license level, to join an informal round table every Saturday night at 10 p.m. EDST at 28.350 MHz (give or take, depending if the frequency is clear). Larry asks to please check in within the first five minutes, although check-ins will be accepted at any time. The structure is loose and discussions cover whatever topics come up.

Ken Sevene W1ARH (with cap), a museum visitor from New Hampshire, presents an antique microphone with the call letters of the museum's ham station to Dick Stebbins, K1ITV. 



115 Pierson Lane Windsor, Connecticut 06095 (860) 683-2903 • ©2011 The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut, Inc

Field Day, 2014

 James Burr, KB1NWA searches for a field day contact as Larry Butler, KB1KIZ looks on.
Mary Beaulieu, KB1WFI, checks out the computerized field day log at the museum's club station, W1VCM.

                                      MEETING NOTES  
                             October Ham Club Meeting Highlights

President Chris Kelling, N1WKO, opened the meeting at 9:15. Fifteen club members were in attendance

·        Treasurer Charles Griffen, W1GYR, reported a balance of $912.77. ($81 of that was earmarked for the research facility.)

·        Larry Butler, KB1KIZ, is working on setting up a tour of WTIC as well as inviting a speaker to address our November meeting

·        Chris invited members to join him at WIAW on New Year’s Eve to be among the last ops of the year

·        Dan Thomas, NC1J, reported that, in spite of rain and wind, the Hustler vertical antenna has been moved to the other side of the museum building. The group discussed where to put the Windom and UHF antennas. It appears that a lift truck will have to be rented to repair the beam. Hopefully all antenna work will be done before the snow flies

·        The walls of the ham shack have been extended and Chris suggested all the digital modes be moved to the new space.  Chris is in process of setting up computer logging programs, but paper logging is still viable. The group discussed relocation of the antenna patch panel, and the addition of a storage shelf above the hanging ceiling. (The old ceiling was damaged when Dan Crowley, W1STP, fell through while helping move the antenna cables. He wasn’t injured.) Chris urged everyone to observe safety practices when doing construction work – or any work for that matter.

·        Chris reported that the museum expects to begin building the repair facility in November in which we plan to locate the ham club research bench

·        Dan Thomas was one of the founders and chief engineer of college radio station KTSC in Colorado, cited recently as the top run college radio station in the country by the Broadcast Education Association. Larry Butler downloaded a photo of the certificate and awarded Dan a framed copy, along with some Colorado brews that Dan is fond of

·        Chris described the need for a club member to serve as eBay overseer. No one came forward and the issue will be addressed again. In addition, the club needs a Vice President, a post to be voted on at the annual meeting in February

·        Skip Colton, W1FTE, reminded the group that he still has 2-meter gear available for loan to any new ham eager to get on the air but lacking the equipment


The meeting adjourned at 9:57

Respectfully submitted,

Bernie Michaels, W2LFV

Club Secretary

Our next meeting is scheduled for November 15 @9:00 at the Windsor 75 Diner.

 Dan Thomas, NC1J, proudly displays a facsimile of the award given to station KTSC that he co-founded as the top college station in the U.S. Larry Butler, KB1KIZ, created the framed picture. (Photo courtesy Mike Panicello, KB1ZHB)                          

  The group also visited the vintage power station at the dam

   Eleven Ham club members and museum volunteers enjoyed a recent tour of Rainbow Dam (fish ladder)




Are You Interested in Becoming a Ham Radio Operator? 

We offer classes, advice and assistance for anyone interested in learning about or becoming a ham radio operator.

Technician Classes - The Technician class is the entry level into amateur radio. Classes are being formed for anyone who wants to get their Technician grade license. Contact Chris Kelling, N1WKO, at kellingc@cox.net  

Ham Radio Advice - Have questions about antennas, equipment, operating procedures, etc.? Contact Charles "Skip" Colton, W1FTE, at clcolton@att.net  or Bill Storey, AB1LZ, at ab1lz.@arrl.net

Equipment Loans - Have a license but no equipment? The club has transceivers, power supplies and accessories for short term loan. Contact Bill Thompson, K1NNB, at k1nnb@netzero.net

Have a ticket but no station - If you're a licensed ham without a station, use ours! The museum club station, W1VCM, is available for use by anyone with a valid amateur radio license. Contact Bernie "Bud" Michaels, W2LFV, at bmawrite@comcast.net

Be Prepared for Emergencies - Hams provide essential communications for their communities during an emergency. Learn how you can help. Contact Bill Storey, AB1LZ at AB1LZ@arrl.net


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