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Need some vacuum tubes to repair a vintage radio, television, ham radio, guitar amplifier or hi-fi audio device? Then we may be able to help. The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum has thousands of new and used vacuum tubes available for sale.

 Our used tubes are tested on either a Hickok mutual conductance tester or a Heathkit emissions tester and we only ship tubes that test at least 70% - so you can be assured that the used tubes you purchase from us will be good in your device. Our used tubes sell at a 40% discount from our NOS tubes, so they're quite a bargain. All tubes are guaranteed to be in good condition upon delivery with no shorts or leakage.

We do not have an online catalog of tubes - yet. We hope to have a catalog available to broadband users in the future. For now we ask that you please fill out the form below and we will let you know if the tubes you need are available and the price. 

Please note: We have many popular tubes in used form, including 6L6, 6V6, 12AX7, 12AU7,12AT7, 6SN7, 5U4, 5Y3, 6F6, and more. We are either sold out of or have limited supply of EL34, 6CA7, 6550, KT66, and 6BQ5 tubes. Please only use suffixes like G, GT, GTY, etc if you only want that type of tube. G type and glass type tubes have a premium price over metal and ST style tubes. Contact Mike Urban at if you are interested in used tubes. Please include the tubes you are looking for. We will respond shortly with pricing.


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EBay - The museum offers many products such as electronic equipment, radios other one of a kind "treasures" on EBay!! To see the specific Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of CT listing:

1.  Go to the EBay home page at
2. Click on ADVANCED search
3. Scroll all the way down to near the end of the page to SELLERS
4. Click on the box for ONLY SHOW ITEMS FROM
5. In the box, type in -  vrcmct  -- all lower case
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on SEARCH.

The screen should show only those items that the museum has listed under the selling name vrcmct.

 Surplus Items at Museum
The museum has many items for sale that are duplicates, surplus, or unsuitable for display. Ask about seeing the "surplus store" next time you visit the museum.
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