About the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut

Since 1991, our museum has been dedicated to educating the public about the history of electronic communications, with a particular focus on Connecticut's contributions to that evolution. Visit the Museum History page for the full story.

Thousands of hours have been put in by our dedicated volunteers and if you'd have asked us when we started if the museum would have grown into what it is today, we never would have imagined.

Come, Visit Us and See:

 Museum displays cover the periods from the mid 1850s up until the dawn of the computer age in the 1970s. Items on display include:


Radios -Crystal, battery, AC, transistor




Industrial Equipment

Movie Equipment

Telephone Central Office Equipment

Television Studio Equipment


Recording Studio Equipment

Vacuum Tubes

Equipment Repair


 Eppley Standard Cell Laboratory
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 Learning how a TV camera works!

The museum also houses an extensive research library with factory manuals, schematics, QST magazines and other historical data.

 Bring the whole family. Many of our exhibits are 'hands on''. We invite you to visit our museum to experience all we have to offer. 

We thank everyone for their ongoing support of the museum! If you'd like to get involved, to volunteer - click here  or become a supporter and a member - click here or if you have questions  contact us today!




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Eppley Standard Cell Laboratory 

 The Eppley Laboratory was located in Newport, Rhode Island and one of their products was a "standard cell," which were used in various applications to calibrate equipment.

The museum acquired the entire Eppley Standard Cell manufacturing laboratory in the late 1990s and all of the laboratory's records. If you are seeking information on an Eppley cell, we can provide you with a scanned of the original manufacturer's data sheet for your cell for a cost of $5 per cell.

The Eppley Laboratory display is, unfortunately, in storage in our back room awaiting construction of our rear display area. We anticipate it may take 2-3 years before the lab is back up. We welcome your donations of time and money to help us get this vital piece of American manufacturing history back on display.

 Standards Manual - Eppley Labs
 Example: Record of Standard  Cell
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